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Computer and TV are becoming more attractive to our children. It often causes relaxation in the children’s busy agenda. Besides the relaxation it is also good that children enjoy exercise and playing.

Children who regularly play outside are more satisfied, eat better, sleep better and develop better. Move in a natural way helps to keep normal weight, promotes physical motor skills and teaches children at an early age how to deal with each other. Although children naturally play and exercise, this happens less nowadays.

Our games and toys make playing outdoors more enjoyable: from sporty to creative, from agile to smart, together with the family or individual, with our wide range we have it all. BuitenSpeel has developed games and toys for different age groups. For adults and older children we also developed more challenging games and toys.

Our outdoor toys are not only beautiful and fun to play with, in the development of our products we also think about the handling and use. Our products are easy to carry and to store. The products are used everywhere: at home, in the garden, on the square or on the beach.

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